Biofouling or biological fouling is the unwanted accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae or animals on wetted structures. It is especially significant on boat’s hulls where high levels of fouling have an adverse effect on the performance of the vessel and will undoubtedly increase fuel consumption.

Anti fouling coatings contain biocides which inhibits the growth of biological fouling on the hull of the vessel. Teamac antifouling systems (Teamac being the brand we stock) are ablative offering fresh biocide as they gradually erode away, this slow and gradual erosion also has the added benefit that it avoids seasonal build up of the coating.

Teamac has developed four anti fouling systems, Teamac D, Teamac A, Protector and Tropical Killa to cover most substrates, aquatic environments and customer budgets. See Products-> Specialist Coatings for an overwiew of the 4 different types of anti fouling available.