Whether it's bathroom paint mixed to your favourite Farrow & Ball colour*, machine enamel mixed to a RAL colour or paint for the shed to match a kitchen cupboard, we can do it. In fact there isn't much we can't do when it comes to colour!

Picking a paint colour used to be simple a process, mainly due to limited options. Not any more. There's RAL colours, the British Standard range and then there's the thousands of colours each manufacturer comes up with. Literally tens of thousands of colours are available. We are here to make this process as painless as possible.

The world of coloured paints can be split into 3 areas: pre-mixed, tinted and colour-matched. Here's a brief explanation of these...

Pre-mixed: These are popular colours that the manufacturers make. We buy them already mixed to the colour. These tend to be slightly cheaper than the same colour tinted. But, be aware: the paint manufacturer may decide the colour to be out of fashion, thus discontinue it. At this point we would need to mix it ourselves (see Tinted below) if you wanted more- and there may be slight variations.

Tinted: These are colours we mix ourselves on one of our many state of the art mixing machines. You simply pick a colour from any colour card or the swatches that can be found in all our branches, and we will simply mix the finish you want to that colour. NB. Some suppliers make this a bit more complicated by making certain colours only available in certain finishes- we will always do our best to get you what you want. If you require some colour cards, please click here to use our Request Colour Cards service. 

Colour-match: This is where you have a sample of the colour you want, and we use our very clever Photosprectrometer to match it. Please note: the sample must be atleast 2"x2" in size, of solid colour (any flecks of other colours can result in a bad match). Given a good sample is available we have over a 99.9% success rate at matching colours this way. NB. This service is only available at our Ponswood branch. 

* We can mix Leyland or Johnstone paints to Farrow & Ball equivilents.