We have a fleet of 3 large transit vans that go out daily from our HQ in St Leonards, and one van based at Hailsham for deliveries in that area.

We offer free delivery throughout East Sussex and Kent. As a general rule this will be next day, though if ordered before 8:00 we will do our best to get it to you the same day. 

Please do check your area when ordering as there are some areas we only go to on certain days of the week.

If you are interested in a delivery outside of East Sussex & Kent, please do get in touch- we will almost certainly be able to help. Due to the weighty and sometimes technical nature of our product this varies too much from case to case to be able to give costings here. 


Due to the superior quality of UK paint, we have shipped paint to several corners of the planet- Netherlands, France, Channel Islands, Nigeria, to name but a few.

In our experience we have found that sending a box or two of paint doesn't work too well (no matter how well we pack it!). This is two fold- it tends to be expensive and has a nasty habit of turning up a bit 'messy'. 

Thus we definiltey recommend ordering enough to make using at least a quarter pallet worthwhile- this has proven to be successful and usually very cost effective.