Friday 7th June saw our 9th annual golf day being played out at Sedlescombe Golf Club. Once again (9th year running- our luck must run out soon!) we were graced with blue skies and sun.

As ever, there was some impressive golf played … and some ‘interesting’ golf played! The most interesting shot of the day had to go to Gary Knight- not so much a birdie, as a bird in the hand, as some poor unexpecting rooks flight was cut short by Garys golf ball! RIP rook. It didn't help Gary much either! 

We’re very pleased and proud to say the day was another roaring success- with £750 being raised for St Michaels Hospice! A massive thank you again to our sponsors are all those who took part!

And finlly- if you like playing at golf, please do not miss out on next years TP Charity Day- as it will be our 10th (and Trade Paints 50th) year we are going to make it even more special than usual!! Watch this space...


Pictured above: Medicinal prize for 'rook shock' [left] and this years Champions: Hawkinseses Building Ltd [right].