To simplify the specification process and reduce the uncertainty surrounding the specification of paint for redecoration over existing paint coatings, Johnstone’s has introduced two new product systems.

Flame Retardant Top Coats: Including a Durable Matt and an Acrylic Eggshell, these products are to be applied as a minimum of a two coat system and are designed to inhibit the spread of flame. Both products are ideal for application onto new unpainted surfaces but also for painting over sound existing coatings with up to 10x like for like paint layers maintaining a surface at Class 1 or Class 0.

Flame Retardant Intumescent Upgrade System: The Johnstone’s Intumescent Upgrade System is one of only a few complete solutions on the market today, which achieves Class 0 under test and is approved for upgrading a worst case Class 4 surface back to Class 0. The 4 coat Intumescent Upgrade system is only available as part of a written specification from PPG Extra.