In this article we'll explain how to apply an opaque paint system to any exterior wood so you can achieve the colour scheme of your choice in any outside space.

Watch how to protect wood with Sadolin Superdec and inject a bit of colour into your outside space.

This guide applies to any exterior joinery such as doors and windows, decking, fencing and cladding.

Step 1: Inspect the surface of the wood

Before proceeding inspect the surface of the wood to be painted.

If the wood has been previously coated using a translucant covering and is in good condition then no additional steps should be required before proceeding to the next step.

If the wood has previously been painted and the surface isn't in good condition (i.e. the paint is peeling or flaking) you'll need to remove the existing coating using either sandpaper, paint stripper or by some other means. Once this has been done follow our guide on preparing bare wood for painting before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Priming the surface

If we're using a very light colour for the top coat (i.e. a white or pale yellow) and have concerns about possible staining it may be necessary to use a stain blocking primer. Possible causes of staining include natural oils from the wood, previous surface staining and knots grinning through the finished surface. In this case apply a good coat of stain blocking primer and allow to dry before proceeding with the top coat.

If you're unsure on a suitable primer to use please get in touch with your nearest branch and we'll be happy to advise.

Step 3: Apply the top coat

Once the surface has been prepared using a brush apply the first coat of your chosen paint system. It's important to apply a good amount of paint to ensure that you get a good solid colour and that the wood is suitably protected from the elements. If using a water based system the drying time will be quicker so work in smaller areas ensuring that you lay off the paint once it's applied. Try not to keep re-working the same area once it's been layed off once as any brush marks will flow out giving a smooth surface.

Allow the first coat to dry fully (i.e. overnight) apply a second coat following the same process.