Not a lot of people know the level of support we offer Hastings Half marathon ... to the unknowing eye we simply put a small advert in the annual brochure.

What a lot of people don't know is that Trade Paints provide the mileage signs, and all the cable ties it takes to keep them in place (enough to build a small commune!) - plus it's a previous MD of Trade Paints that risks life and limb going round the route before the big day putting said signs up.

Why are we shouting about this now after all these years? ... two reasons: the current MD of Trade Paints will be running his 10th consecutive Hastings Half (sponsor forms soon to appear in store! ; ), and because it's our 50th of course! ... to celebrate we will be donating £50 worth of Trade Paints vouchers to the 50th man and woman to cross the line. 

(Current MD and non-athlete Peter May does not hold much hope of winning these vouchers!). 

We wish the Lions every success as ever and hope this great event once again is blessed with the glorious weather it usually manages to summon.