Sadolin Ultra by Trade Paints

Few wooden structures are more famous than the Cutty Sark- so the project to preserve the world famous ship was always going to test the boundries of technical woodcare protection and craftsmanship.

The premium product Sadolin Ultra has measured up to the challenge, giving Cutty Sark the protection she needs for the future.

The long-term protection and decoration of the exterior wood was critical to the project, and after careful consideration Sadolin Ultra was specified, for use on Cutty Sark's teak deckhouses, spectacular wheel, ornate pin rails, decorative panelling and many other wooden fixtures and fittings on deck.

Ultra is a highly translucent woodstain, offering exceptional durability, all weather protection, longevity of finish- and environmental benefits with a new alkyd formulation that requires less solvent, achieving 2010 VOC compliance, without any compromise on quality.

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