Trade Paints are regiona distributors for HR-Prof, the revolutionary fire retardent for wood.

HR-Prof is a revolutionary fire proofing product for wood and other porous combustible building materials, now available for the first time in the UK, water based, non-hazardous, ready to use solution. And Trade Paints is the regoinal distributor for the South East.

HR-Prof is simple to use and safe to apply. Possessing high diffusion properties it quickly penetrates the structure of the substrate. Unlike intumescent systems it does not require an additional protective finishing coat. However, if required HR-Prof can be over-coated with wood stains, varnishes and some paints (tests may be required before over-coating please contact us for further details).

HR-Prof has non-flammable properties, which become part of the substrate, restricting ignition and the spread of flame. It will not wash out from the surface of the substrate after drying, it is not converted into smoke when exposed to high temperatures, and carbon char is restricted to the immediate area. Materials treated with HR-Prof when exposed to temperatures of up to 1700 C are subject to charcoal forming, severely restricting the spread of flame.

For more technical details (as well as a very impressive video demonstration of HR-Prof in action) go to For prices and/or to speak to the experts, please give us a call.