Hastings Lifeboat (Priscilla Macbean)

Weather and age have both taken their toll on the two historic lifeboats that stand at the gateway to the Hastings old town and now work is to start immediately on a spring clean and much needed maintenance work.

Having been been on board (sorry!) since the arrival of the Priscilla Macbean lifeboat five years ago we're delighted to be able to help the project by supplying materials for the much needed clean-up and repairs. 

Dee Day White, from the Lifeboat Trust, said:

It is good news for the people of Hastings and our two iconic lifeboats.

Trade Paints have been on board since the arrival of the Priscilla Macbean, having been found abandoned in a field and rescued by Tush Hamilton and myself.

This local company, who show great support to the community have taken the tiller again, providing lots of help. Thank you Trade Paints.

We're proud to be supporting this project as our Winding street branch is only a short distance away from these much loved and iconic lifeboats.