Bibs & Braces is a club for the professional decorator. It's simple to be a member: decorating has to be your main trade, and you have to have some kind of an account with Trade Paints. 

There are no catches, just perks...

  • Bespoke Discounts & Special Offers: Offers that will get the average deccies bristles curling!
  • Guaranteed Price Match: For members, we will match any price. As you may expect, there are some T&C's... please see below for details.
  • Access to the Dulux Loyalty Scheme: For every pound a member spends on any Akzo Nobel brand (Dulux Trade, Armstead, Hammerite, Sikkens, Cuprinol, Polycell to name a few ; ), they get a point. These can be cashed in whenever you like. Click here to see what points can get you.
  • Access to the Leyland Loyalty Scheme. Buy 5 get one FREE! Click here for details.
  • Social events: We will hold a couple of social events a year for members of Bibs & Braces. Some of our suppliers may attend, giving the opportunity for demos, or just general discussion.
  • 10% OFF at the Dulux Academy: Being based in Slough, it is a bit of a way to go for most of our customers. However, with courses in spraying, plastering, special finishes, and much more, it really is a great facility (once you're there). 10% off all courses for our members.
  • Access to a bespoke email address: An email address which goes straight to the top here at Trade Paints... so you will always get an answer or decision when you need one, or priority for that all important stock item.
  • Access to an online forum: Bibs & Braces has it's own Facebook page, available only to members. This gives members the chance to show off work, find other deccies when those big jobs come up, or to generally comment on how pleased with Trade Paints they are. : ).

If interested in joining Bibs & Braces please pass your name and phone number to a member of staff, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The small print...

Terms & Conditions

  • The Bibs & Braces membership card remains the property of Trade Paints Ltd, and can be recalled at any time.
  • A customer can cease to be a member at any time and without warning at the discretion of the management of Trade Paints Ltd.
  • Offers are not transferred to other accounts, i.e. to get the current B&B offers the goods much be booked through an account with a live Bibs & Braces membership.
  • Price Match: We may well ask for some evidence of the price we're matching. The same stock volume must be available at the outlet we're matching, and if it's an online price we will take delivery charges into account.
  • Trade Paints reserves the right to withdraw or remove any of the perks of Bibs & Braces without warning or notice.
  • For T&C's specific to the Dulux Loyalty scheme, please click here.